Ted Byfield: The real dangers of its sex clubs which the government doesn’t discuss

[Ted Byfield] The real dangers of its sex clubs which the government doesn’t discuss

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The sex lives of Alberta’s seven to seventeen-year-olds went back onto the front pages again recently. Jason Kenney, architect of the newly-formed United Conservative Party and candidate for its leadership, declared that if any student applied to join one of the school “sex clubs,” a Conservative government would inform the parents. (Unless, he added, child abuse was known to exist in the family.)

Much “hurtful” language descended upon him from the Left. In laying such an obligation on the government, and bestowing such an authority on parents, said David Eggen, the minister of Education, Kenney was clearly “an extremist.” Several Leftist publications went further. They said Kenney was “outing” these students.

The use of that word is significant. In this context, “to out” somebody or something means to make it public. Thus, in the view of the government, to tell the parent, is to tell the world. So the student’s parents are like the people who pass him on the street. Nobodies. Maybe even enemies. His only real and dependable friend is Government. That’s the lesson. The kid would have to be more than half loony to believe it, of course, but apparently that doesn’t prevent it from becoming the central mindset of our socialist rulers.

The “safety” of the child is uppermost in the government’s mind, says the minister. He means safety, not just from the perceived dangers of the parent, but also from the common ridicule of the mob. Jeers like “fag, fairy, fruit, pansy” have their equivalents in every language of humanity. (My mother, by the way, never referred to homosexuals as “pansies,” not because she didn’t like the word, but because she could never remember the flower. She kept calling them “geraniums,” which confused people and left all but the immediate family wondering what on earth she was talking about. I recall her once telling a circle of people, “He walks like a geranium, you know.” Dead silence followed.

… if you care for your children and grandchildren, you will forward this column to all the parents and grandparents you know.

However, the Left has now embarked on the creation, through the Department of Education, of a new kind of society with a new kind of human being who won’t talk or think this way. It is a noble endeavour, with no chance whatever of success. As the government prohibits one set of words, the inventive among us will simply come up with a new set, infinitely worse than their predecessors. So the victims will long to go back to the good old days when they were pansies.

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  1. Ted references a 2015 CDC publication that documents the real dangers of sexual activity—and, in particular, homosexual activity—amongst young people. There is another CDC publication that documents a strong correlation between various violence-related behaviours and the nature of sexual activity. According to this report “… across the 18 violence-related risk behaviors nationwide, the prevalence of all 18 was higher among students who had sexual contact with only the opposite sex and students who had sexual contact with only the same sex or with both sexes than students who had no sexual contact.”

    For example, quoting from a LifeNews web article (I did check the numbers with the CDC rest an they are correct; it’s just easier to copy and paste from the LifeNews article):

    “Seat Belt Use: Opposite-sex-active (OSA) teens are 143 percent more likely to never or rarely wear a seat belt than virginal peers. Same-sex/bisexual-active (SS/BA) teens are 317 percent more likely than virginal peers.

    Dating Violence: OSA teens are 260 percent more likely to experience some form of physical violence in dating relationships than virginal peers. SS/BA teens are 683 percent more likely than virginal peers.

    Smokes Daily: OSA teens are 3,300 percent more likely to smoke daily than virginal peers. SS/BA teens are 9,500 percent more likely than virginal peers.

    Ever Binge Drank: OSA teens are 337 percent more likely to ever binge drink than virginal peers. SS/BA teens are 375 percent more likely than virginal peers.

    Pot Use: OSA teens are 336 percent more likely to be currently using marijuana than virginal peers. SS/BA teens are 483 percent more likely than virginal peers.

    Ever Injected an Illegal Drug: OSA teens are 500 percent more likely to have ever injected a non-prescription drug than virginal peers. SS/BA teens are 2,333 percent more likely than virginal peers.”

    In other words, kids who do not engage in sexual activity also do not engage in other “violence-related risk behaviours—or, at least, do so at a rate vastly less than those kids that do engage in sexual activity, with those that engage in same-sex or bisexual activity almost always being the most likely to engage these other risk behaviours by a very large factor. On top that the sexual inactive kids will have no STDs and no teen pregnancies, which, of course, means no abortions.

    Based in these CDC publications, abstinence has no health or violence related downside (and a lot of upside), whereas sexual activity, particularly same-sex and bisexual activity, has a lot of health and violence related downside, with no real upside. So, it would seem that, if the government prides itself in making evidence-based policy, then the Education Department should be teaching and promoting, as well as sponsoring clubs that promote, abstinence and, perhaps, advising parents when it is known that their kids are engaging in sexual activity, particularly when it is the same-sex or bisexual kind.

    (The CDC document can be fund here: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/ss/pdfs/ss6509.pdf)

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