Ted Byfield: The strange religious turnaround the media aren’t covering

Ted Byfield: The strange religious turnaround the media aren’t covering

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It’s sad but hardly surprising that what is arguably the world’s most significant cultural development in the opening years of the third Christian millennium has largely escaped the attention of the world’s news media. I refer to the notable revival of Christianity in eastern Europe, especially in Russia, and the notable rejection of Christianity in much of the formerly Christian West.

The journalists don’t cover this strange turnabout because they don’t think it matters, “God is dead and religion soon will be,” a fellow reporter assured me, back in the late 1950s, “By the end of this century, most people will never so much as think of religion.” He was newly graduated from university with a degree in modern philosophy.

Well, the end of the century came and went, and in one year, nine months and 11 days into the new century, some three thousand people perished when four airliners were destroyed in the perceived service of Allah. Since then, by one diligently accurate account, 20,698 people have been killed and 52,032 have been injured, all in that same religious cause.

Ah yes, we are recurrently being assured, but terrorism is not the “true” Islam; it’s just a small group of deluded heretics. Unfortunately, by almost any objective reading of Islamic history, it is the “true” Islam. In any event, religion is a lot more alive than it was back in the 1950s. My friend was simply dead wrong. Wrong, that is, about eastern Europe, central Africa and parts of Asia, where Christianity, often in spite of hideous persecution, is on the ascendant. He was much closer to right in foreseeing the discard of Christianity in the West, where the education revolution has gravely weakened it.*

However, the experience in Russia is most instructive, and it became glaringly evident when the Putin government flatly refused to allow a gay parade at the 2014 Olympics. The customary tirade of scorn from the gay lobby and its captive media descended upon the Russian government, which was expected to follow the western example and instantly yield. It didn’t. “We will destroy your Olympics,” thundered the gays. They didn’t.

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