[Ted Byfield] Why it's vital Trinity Western perserveres for a law school

[Ted Byfield] Why it’s vital Trinity Western perseveres for a law school

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As the attack on Christianity intensifies, the courts become the central battleground

VIDEO: [100 Huntley Street] Lorna Dueck talks with Author and Professor John Stackhouse on the dire consequences following the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision against Trinity Western University’s law school. [Jun 18, 2018]

This is the third of three articles we’re running on the book produced last month under the aegis of Real Women of Canada. It’s entitled “From Democracy to Judicial Dictatorship in Canada — The Untold Story of the Charter of Rights.” The first tracked the apparently unrestrained political activism of a former serving chief justice and others — an activism which would gravely shake public confidence in the impartiality of the court. The second shows the role the court played in making Canada the abortion capital of the industrialized world. This, the third, shows how the court’s decision in the Trinity Western law school case, has imperiled the rights of all practicing Christians and Jews to practice their faith in any way in the public sphere.

That Trinity Western University would aspire to run a law school should surprise nobody. Few other Christian educational institutions have demonstrated themselves more acutely aware that we are now living in a post-Christian era. This is far more evident in Canada where about 25 per cent of people say they attend church weekly against 47 per cent in the U.S. Most churches, however, report a sharp decline in the last two decades, and no doubt it was in response to this decline that TWU developed its law school project.

Why a law school? Because the anti-traditionalist movements in our culture, highly voluble in the media, have made their greatest gains through the courts. Sodomy, not that long ago a criminal offence, has become not only accepted, but somehow sanctified. Where you used to go to jail to doing it, you can now go to jail for criticizing it — or even telling jokes about it, something humans have been doing for about five thousand years. We have the courts to thank for transforming the “gay” from a criminal into an icon.

Ditto for marriage failure. When divorce was difficult and expensive, marriages frequently survived, and often the couple were grateful for this in later life. The children were even more grateful. For them, the breakup of their parents came like the end of their world. (I write from my childhood memory here.) Now, I’m told, one in every two marriages will fail, and marital break-up a lucrative business for the lawyers.

Think of the other “gifts,” for which we can thank judges — the “Me Too” sex prosecutions, addictive pornography, uncontrollable children because spanking has been held illegal.

What we have been witnessing over the last century or two is the gradual destruction of a society and civilization that took two thousand years to create. True, it’s not always fair, but do we know a fairer? It’s not unfailingly compassionate, but do we know a more compassionate? It has not always treated its minorities well, but how many can we name that treated them better?

What we must take note of is that which Trinity Western has so astutely taken note of. Day by day, month by month, year by year we are watching the deliberate and determined destruction of that society by seemingly craven trolls who haven’t the least notion of what they will replace it with. One of the chief instruments they’re using in that process of destruction is the Supreme Court. Trinity’s response is rational and admirable. Let’s get our own people into the legal profession. Let’s open a Christian law school.

Like all students at TWU, those in the law faculty would have to sign a Covenant. Part of it concerned their sex lives — no living together unmarried, no homosexual practices, no porn. They must reserve “sexual expression of intimacy for marriage, and within a marriage that involves only one man and one woman. They must take every reasonable step to resolve conflict and avoid divorce.”

That this would alarm the destructors was altogether predictable. They think of the legal profession and the courts as more or less belonging to themselves, an increasingly dependable element in their movement, But now comes this — a Christian law school, an invasion, as they see if, of their territory. It must be stopped. But how?

Would the graduates make incompetent lawyers? Unhappily, they could find no evidence of this whatsoever. Therefore professional ineptitude could not be made an issue. So what could?

The solution, it was decided, lay in the provincial law societies. Without belonging to at least one of them, a law school graduate could not become a practicing lawyer. So the destructors put the TWU Covenant before the law courts . If a TWU law graduate had to swear allegiance to these Christian moral rules when he was in law school, should he be allowed to practice law? Two societies — British Columbia and Ontario — said no.

TWU took this denial to the Supreme Court of Canada and the court ruled against TWU. So if TWU applied its Covenant to its law school, then effectually the graduates could not practice law. The grip of the Gay lobby on the court was secure. TWU refused to yield on its Christian principles, so the project was dead.

And in what cause? Human rights under the Charter. And who is the oppressed victim in this case? Think about this person hypothetically. He (or she) wants desperately to attend the TWU law school. There are about fifty other law schools in Canada he could attend, but he doesn’t want them. It must be TWU’s school. But why, exactly? Is it because he wants to attend the school, or because he wants to destroy the school — by providing the Supreme Court with evidence of discrimination to shut it down? Which is what has happened.

Or has it? As always, the Gays went too far. The year after the TWU decision, the same board of benchers of the Ontario law society that had helped kill the TWU project passed a set of Politically Correct measures to be imposed on all Ontario law firms. The response was outright rebellion. The membership simply ignored the ruling. In the ensuing annual elections, the entire board, the same one that had ruled against the TWA law school, was hurled from office.

Which raises the question: How much further will the destructors go with this before they destroy themselves? We should be aware of the fact that this is the second instance within the last year or so in which the Big Four — the Radfems, the Lesbies, the Transgents, and the Gaze — have tried to impose their authority on the rest of us, and met with open defiance as it backfired on them. The other is, of course, the spectacle of Dr. Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor. He defied the university’s order to use the new idiot non-sexist pronouns, took his case onto You-tube where he has had audiences that run into the millions preaching a way of life to young men that was taught to me by my grandparents. A whole army of destructors have been loosed against him in televised confrontations wherein he slaughters them one by one. It is really horrible (by which I mean, delightful) to watch.

So is the TWU project really dead? Heaven, forbid! And I mean that plea literally. Because this TWU law school case will open a door to an avalanche of new attacks on the Old Faith, Dr. John Neufeld, a preacher on the Back to the Bible program in Toronto, enumerated some of the possibilities: Will Trinity’s teachers college be the next to face such a challenge? Will its nurses’ college be hit? Will financial donations to churches be deprived of their tax deductability status? Will churches be allowed to require their employees be members of their faith? Must church teaching conform to the values of the state as regards abortion, homosexuality and other sexual aberrations?

“I am not sounding an alarm bell,” cautions Dr. Neufeld. If he isn’t. He certainly ought to be. The scope our vulnerabilities seems boundless. So do pray for the renewal of the TWU law school project. We’re going to need all the Christian lawyers we can get.

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