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The many ways in which the Obama corps safeguards Hillary’s path

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In ways subtle and in some ways not so subtle, the Obama administration is beginning to matter-of-factly do what it can to help Hillary Clinton be elected president. Its members are beginning to circle the wagons around Clinton. Beyond their partisan bias, perhaps many in the administration are motivated by a desire to stay in government or even get promoted if Clinton is elected. Bureaucrats and political appointees alike may be looking for ways to demonstrate their loyalty and value. They hope their assistance with stonewalling and coverups or the deflection of bothersome questions from the media and Congress will be noticed by the Clinton command and remembered and rewarded when the time comes. No doubt some in the Empire have been telegraphing the notion that such assistance will be “appreciated.”

I’ve seen a couple of instances in the past week or so when this maneuvering appeared to be on display.

First is the remarkable story of Rajiv K. Fernando, a Chicago securities trader and big Clinton Foundation donor who was appointed to the distinguished International Security Advisory Board, a very sensitive State Department board that advises the secretary of state on arms-control issues. Fernando was reportedly placed on the board at the insistence of Hillary Clinton, despite not having any applicable credentials — and when ABC News reporters started to question why he was on the board, no one at the State Department could defend the decision, and Mr. Fernando then abruptly resigned and stayed quiet. Yet last week, when asked again why then-secretary Clinton had placed Mr. Fernando on the board in the first place, the State Department issued a deadpan statement saying that the membership of the board was supposed to include “a balance of backgrounds and points of view.” Really? That’s it? So why was Fernando appointed, and why did he quit? There’s a story here!

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