Help our Next Generation Discover their Amazing Christian Heritage

SEARCH’s learning strategy is two-fold: library sponsorship and student engagement. The first step is to get the books to the students. Every school library we equip with a set of the books has the potential to enrich young readers thousands of times. However, there’s not much point getting books to a school library if they’re just going to gather dust on a shelf. That’s where the second phase comes in. SEARCH’s engagement strategy is to nurture staff champions within the school who in turn inform and inspire the students.. This champion could be the school principal, or a teacher of English, Social Studies, or Religious Studies. It may even be school librarian. SEARCH works with whoever within that school’s organization who has a heart to see our next generation fully informed on where our Judeo-Christian culture has gone before so that these students of history today may become our society’s wisest of leaders tomorrow.

Library Sponsorship

Schools, especially Christian schools, are often experiencing serious financial challenges. By donating a set of ‘The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years’ to such a school that gift will last on average 25 years. Every year each book in the 12-volume set has the potential to be checked out and read, on average, 14 times. That means your gift today could enable up to 4,800 opportunities for our current generation to discover our astonishing heritage. Each volume is packed with examples of how the Holy Spirit has led people to do the Lord’s work and every field of human activity. To make this happen, click here.


Student Engagement

To encourage engagement SEARCH sponsors two competitions annually. One is written composition, where students draw from both the Bible and ‘The Christians’ to compare current societal problems to similar situations in the past and then propose a solution based on those examples of history and Judeo-Christian values. The second competition is an online knowledge contest. We draw five winners from both competitions and award both them and their school. The next awards ceremony takes place during the ‘Toasting Ted’ event on September 25, 2024, where we will also be honoring the life of Ted Byfield, editor of ‘The Christians.’ At this event the winning students will engage in a round-table discussion with the evening’s speakers, who include Reform Party Founder Preston Manning, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada’s Leader of the Loyal Opposition Pierre Poilievre.

To register the writing composition competition, click here (Deadline: July 10, 2024)

To register for the online knowledge contest click here. (Deadline: August 10, 2024)

For more information on the September 25, 2024 event ‘Toasting Ted: An Evening to Remember and Honor Ted Byfield’ click here.