The Christians V09 – A Century of Giants

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A Century of Giants / AD 1500 to AD 1600 / In an Age of Spiritual Genius, Western Christendom Shatters / Volume Nine of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years History Series (More Info)

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A Century of Giants

Volume 9: A.D. 1500 to 1600
In an Age of Spiritual Genius, Western Christendom Shatters

Any Christian, regardless of denominational theology, may look with honest awe upon those on all sides of the great 16th century struggle to clarify and purify the faith – especially the three figures on the cover of our ninth volume, Luther (top left), Loyola (right) and Calvin (below). For both good and ill, their clashing theological certainties inspired a colorful cast of monarchs, soldiers and explorers, bishops and reformers, in a contest that shaped much of our world today, from the opening of the New World, to the breaking of westward Islamic expansion, to the setting of the modern calendar.

(Click on the image below to view a reduced resolution sample chapter drawn from the book so you get a sense of its writing style.)

Chapter One

A divided Christendom and a young emperor face the Muslim peril

Chapter Two

Martin Luther’s incendiary and acerbic writing splts Europe

  • Gutenberg, the secretive, much sued inovator wh made Luther possible
  • Erasmus seeks to unite Luther and Rome, but Rome declares both heretical

Chapter Three

As religions clash, Catholics and Protestants fend off the Turks

  • Misreading Luther’s message, peasants in their thousands are slain
  • Zwingli fights Luther for years, then weeps when they cannot agree

Chapter Four

The anarchic origins of Christianity’s Anabaptist movement

  • When reform renegades opt for war, death and depravity engulf Munster

Chapter Five

John Calvin puts reform to work in a model biblical city

  • For two centuries women and some men are tried and burned as witches

Chapter Six

Henry’s infatuation and his quest for an heir chart England’s destiny

  • The king’s gifted confidant, Thomas More, was a man who could not be broken

Chapter Seven

Knox’s clash with the Scottish queen helps turn Britain Protestant

Chapter Eight

Loyola’s Jesuits become the vanguard of the Counter-Reformation

  • Losing a game of billiards, Francis Xavier takes the faith on an Asian odyssey

Chapter Nine

Trent and the eighteen years of conflict that saved the papacy

  • Teresa of Avila meets John of the Cross, and they chart a new way to God
  • An outline of the major issues of the Reformation
  • Rome reacts to the print revolution with an index of forbidden books
  • Even popes respect the reforming zeal of Charles Borromeo
  • Ten days that never happened: the Gregorian calendar is born in Rome

Chapter Ten

Greed and cruelty vie with devotion and faith in Spanish America

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe: the apparition that founded a nation

Chapter Eleven

At Malta and Lepanto the ‘unbeatable’ Turks are beaten at last

Chapter Twelve

Huguenots and Catholics embroil France in a 36-year bloodbath

  • A prophet in denial: the sixteenth-century court near Nostradamus

Chapter Thirteen

Out of strife, carnage, and insurrection the Dutch nation is born

Chapter Fourteen

Elizabeth of England stills the storm without a civil war

  • The Catholic light is dimmed in England, but never extinguished

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